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Think Green

Bamboo is a sustainable crop and you might be surprised by how many uses it has – it’s extremely versatile. Bamboo is hard enough to make flooring from and soft enough for the highest quality sheets. Compare the five years a bamboo takes to come to full maturity with an oak that takes 40 years. It’s actually the fastest growing tree on earth, making it a viable renewable resource.

Bamboo trees absorb carbon dioxide and release 35% more oxygen back into the environment than a comparable stand of hardwood trees. Considering these facts, buying bamboo products makes good sense. Bamboo is a practical environmental solution at a time when that’s an important consideration.

Bamboo Chair Mats

Add a touch of class to any home or office with a bamboo chair mat. Forget about those hard plastic mats that are unattractive, get brittle, crack and are unpleasant to the touch. You can use a beautiful bamboo chair mat to protect your rug and get the benefit of having an affordable and aesthetically pleasing bamboo mat underfoot. Take a look; we don’t think we’re going too far to say they improve any room they grace. They come in natural or dark cherry finish and are available in many different sizes and shapes.

Variety of Sizes, Shapes and Styles

Our bamboo mats come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Why not put a few of them together for a unique floor treatment that is elegant and unusual? It’s a creative and different way to use bamboo floor mats. Peruse our selection and use your imagination to see how you can put them together to create a great look that is practical, durable and really stands out.

Bamboo Area Rugs

Here’s where hard wood and soft feel intersect. 80% bamboo is blended with 20% cotton to create durable carpet that is transformed into beautiful area rugs in a variety of colors. The rugs are soft and silky - way more pleasing than traditional rugs made from wool or synthetics or a combination of the two.

Safe for the Environment and Easy on YOU too

Bamboo is naturally hypo-allergenic and really doesn’t shed the way ‘traditional’ rugs do. We also use only toxin-free, Azo-free dyes to produce our rugs. These dyes produce vibrant, attractive colors. Natural dyes, natural fibers, 100% environmentally friendly as well as being beautiful and sophisticated – that’s a bamboo rug. Soft and luxurious, our area rugs are delicious in your room and under your feet.

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Our Collection

In addition to Bamboo Rugs, we also carry a number of styles including Jute Rugs and Seagrass Rugs. Browse our collection today!